Asking for help is a big thing for me yet Laura made it feel completely natural and easy. She kept our sessions focussed, set clear goals and milestones, and challenged my thought processes in a considerate and constructive way. Laura helped me see that happiness is a legitimate and realistic goal and she helped me take big steps forwards, especially in terms of being kind to myself and more grounded and present. She helped me build better relationships with others, and a better relationship with myself too. Plus she is a great listener. Highly recommend talking with Laura for guidance, support and gaining a healthier perspective.”

-A. UK-

My life has not been easy; for the entirety of it, I believed I could cope with it on my own. Some months ago I realised I was failing in taking care of myself and my emotions, only then I decided to start my journey with Laura. I couldn’t have done a better choice. She helped me in viewing my own narratives from another perspective, navigating through my emotions and understanding the deep roots of my behavioural patterns. She did it without judging and I always found a collaborative and compassionate environment in each session (sometimes challenging but in a positive way). Laura has been an incredible therapist but most important an ally, a friend and a counselor in my journey to be a better version of myself, focusing on who I am now. Saying thanks is not enough, I’ll always be grateful for what she has done. You’re not alone and if you’re looking for help, there’s no better person than Laura. Grazie di cuore.”

-M. Italy-

I was very skeptical about Psychologists, but I discovered that anyone, at least one time in his life, could benefit form talking with a professional. Laura is a very well prepared professional. She helped me to figure out why I was failing in love after multiple ended relationships. She has also made me feel comfortable in some delicate topics, so it has been easy to build my trust with her. I would suggest Laura to anyone!”

-L. Italy-

After going through some challenging times in my personal life I decided to get some external help.
More specifically, I was looking for a professional who could:
– Support me in overcoming these personal challenges
– Had previous experiences in the professional workspace
– Arrange sessions in Utrecht, Amsterdam or remote (I used to travel quite often).
– Have a good level of English
Laura excelled in all of these areas and I would really recommend her to anybody who seek the same kind of help..”

-A. France-

During my first appointment, I was a bit scared when I saw tissue papers and I was afraid that psychological counseling involved crying.
Instead, I really enjoyed the friendly atmosphere and I felt comfortable speaking without judgment. I learned to deal better with my emotions.”

– V. Italy-

I reached out to Laura because I felt too often angry and unsatisfied. I worked through that successfully, with Laura’s warm, professional and welcoming approach.”

-E. UK-

I was given Laura’s contact by a close friend of mine, as she have found her counseling very useful. I knew that I was not feeling good for a while, especially after my dad’s suicide in 2019. That year everything in my life started feeling overwhelming: coping with my recent loss, keeping up with a high-responsibility job, strive to find accommodation and even injuring one of my knees.
I now look back at this injury and see it as a way for life to tell me: ‘Take a break, take care of yourself. you can’t keep running around like a headless chicken!’ And yet, I felt that I was the wrong piece in the equation, that I had to work harder to be a ‘better’ person. I did not feel ready to see a Psychologist, because I thought I had to ‘put my shit together’ first. I was blaming myself for my own condition, as if I was not doing ‘well enough’.
When I finally decided to see Laura in 2020, a big weight fell off my shoulders: I found out that I do not need to work harder. I just need to be kind to myself. I just need to listen to my emotions. Only then I can start to accept them, and hopefully understand them. Laura guided me through the discovery of emotional and behavioural patterns developed through my traumatic childhood. Patterns that I had developed in an emergency context and that did not fit my current reality. Not only Laura helped me to understand the origin of these patterns, but also what would trigger them today and how to start changing my associated behaviour. I spent the past year listening and trying to understand myself, and Laura’s counseling has been a central part of this process. It has been a year of deeper understanding, acceptation, release of old tensions, self-compassion and growth.
My main take from this is that we don’t need to do the cleanings before the house cleaner comes. It is fine to be in pain, to be confused, to feel overwhelmed. It is fine to ask for help. There is no ‘wrong’ emotion, no emotion to be ashamed of or feel guilty for.
I feel very grateful for Laura’s help: she made me immediately feel very welcome and understood. She helped me re-discover how much love I have for myself and for this life”

L. Italy-