Dr. Laura Fontanari

Licensed Psychologist offering Psychological Counseling and Therapy in English and Italian @ Amsterdam, or comfortable online from your home.

My areas of expertise

Individual therapy for adults

When trying to overcome difficult and challenging moments, we can find ourselves struggling in making changes and reaching a point where we feel good.

Through counseling, I will guide you in developing self awareness, resilience, communication, emotional and social skills, reaching behavioural changes, make them last. The process will empower you to take action by your own, implementing strategies for coping with your challenges, overcoming your own self-limiting beliefs.

Difficulties I can help you with, includes (but are not limited to) : emotional distress, relationship challenges, communication, stress, anxiety, panic attacks, decision making, adjustments, overthinking, problem solving, grief and self-esteem issues.

Feel free to send me a message if you would like more information, specific explanation or you are just curious about something.

For Children and Parenting

I focus on children’s emotional management and social development, implementing an educational approach. Through the process of learning and experiencing, in the emotional and social areas, kids gather tools and techniques for living a more serene childhood and become emotional healthier adults.

How we work together

I offer you a confidential, private and compassionate space. With a tailored nonjudgmental approach focused on yourself, constantly updated with the latest scientific researches, I guide you in reaching a long term balance.

You will experience an empathic, welcoming and positive approach, where you can find support in difficult moments. Together, we are going through a process that will highlight your capabilities, knowledge and strengthens, creating awareness and overcoming challenges you can experience in daily life.  

In the process, you will learn new ways of seeing, feeling and interacting with yourself and the world, that can then be successfully implemented in everyday life.

Appointments can be scheduled in the Amsterdam office or online.

About me

I am Laura Fontanari, a licensed Psychologist and Doctor in Cognitive Neuroscience.  My professional goal is to help you overcome the challenges that life surprises you with. 

Through my education and international experiences, I have gathered a wide knowledge in different psychological fields, learning to work in Italian, English and Spanish.

After the Master’s degree in Psychology, I got a Ph.D. in Cognitive Neurosciences from the International Doctorate School in Cognitive and Brain Sciences (CIMeC).
I have been lecturer for Biological Psychology master’s courses at the University of Cosenza and University of Trento and postdoctoral researcher at University of Trento and University of Venice. In these years, I carried out research projects at the Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour in Nijmegen, at the Department of General Psychology, University of Padua and the National Research Council of Italy (Padua). 

Subsequently, I worked as Psychologist for International Cooperation projects, supporting rural communities’ children and women in Guatemala and Philippines.

I moved to The Netherlands for running a co-founded startup in the Digital Health field,  with the goal of promoting personal wellbeing, through effective stress management and burnout prevention. 

Few years ago, I have started my own practice, where I provide individual Psychological Counseling and Therapy for adults and children.

Contact me


    Mail: [email protected]

    Phone: +31 (0) 685069130


    Practice in Amsterdam:
    Sophialaan 21, 1075 BL